As we search for Mike's new kidney it's important to remember that there are many people in similar situations. Like John Bernatz. Please read his story.

Today a friend (whose aunt donated to her father) shared this link to friends of hers who are now in need.  Like Mike, John thought he had a donor lined up, and something happened - in his case at the last minute.  John's illness is different, but his story, so thoughtfully chronicled by his partner, Joe, is quite similar, though accelerated.  Please take some time to visit his page.  John Bernatz Needs a New Kidney, especially if you are on the West Coast!

Patients needing a kidney donation make up the majority of those waiting for transplant and when a living donor steps forward and takes someone off that list to live their healthiest life possible it not only helps that patient, but other patients on the list who aren't as lucky.  In addition, one living donation that leads to a better outcome can mean the patient does not have to go back on the list for another wait, and another kidney.

Check out the facts here:  UNOS Data

THANK YOU  - on behalf of of Mike, John and all those waiting.